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0005477DarkRadiantModelspublic04.01.2021 11:23
ReporterSpooks Assigned To 
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version2.10.0 
Summary0005477: Model Export: "Use Entity Origin as export Origin" doesn't work
DescriptionPer title. It still exports the selection (a func_static) with an origin at the world, rather than use its local origin.
Additional InformationI've not tried this with all exporters, just the .LWO one.
Tagsmodel, model export




31.12.2020 04:45

administrator   ~0013327

Which other options have you checked in the export dialog?


31.12.2020 15:42

reporter   ~0013336

I've tried multiple combinations. Most commonly, besides the one under question, I have "skip faces with Caulk" and no other.


04.01.2021 11:23

administrator   ~0013361

Can you give it one more try checking both the "Center Objects around Origin" as well as the "Use Entity Origin" checkboxes? I think the second option (entity origin) depends on the first being checked, otherwise it doesn't do anything.

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