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0005480DarkRadiantModelspublic05.01.2021 16:03
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Summary0005480: Feature: ability to import model geometry as brushwork
DescriptionWe already have exporting brushes to models, but what about the other way around?

Advanced users have access to modeling tools like Blender or Maya, where you could create brushwork much faster, thanks to more advanced edge or polygon editing options, and things like splines, shape generators, etc.

DR is fast enough for building rectangular rooms, but tasks like monsterclipping spiral staircases and other more complex models start to take hours in DR, while it takes just a few minutes in a modeling app.
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31.12.2020 10:09

reporter   ~0013332

Example: I created "monsterclip" geometry around these stairs in Max in like 2 minutes.
Clipboard01.jpg (113,757 bytes)   
Clipboard01.jpg (113,757 bytes)   


31.12.2020 11:24

reporter   ~0013333

Which wasn't the fastest way to do it, when I think about it now ;) ^

Example2: I can iterate on room layouts quicker in 3d app, by using lines, changing wall height and thickness as needed, either for all segments, or for selected ones.
Clipboard02.jpg (259,808 bytes)   
Clipboard02.jpg (259,808 bytes)   


05.01.2021 16:02

administrator   ~0013374

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I can see the usefulness, but this can be tough and I imagine the most likely outcome would be some sort of "best-effort" importer - not everything can be represented by DR brushes. (I can remember this feature request being brought up more than a decade ago.)
Maybe you can attach those scenes, just for reference and to have something to test with, if somebody wants to have a go at this.

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