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0005483DarkRadiantGUIpublic05.01.2021 15:51
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Summary0005483: Visual representation for .liquid models
DescriptionStgatilov has recently (re-)introduced an interesting feature: .liquid models. These are rectangular planes that simulate the liquid physics of invisible "drops" falling into them, allowing to create unique new effects such as "living rock" that bulges unnaturally. A .liquid file is all that's needed, setting the parameters of the simulation. I've attached a test FM (description in Additional Information), and a link to the dev forum thread is here:

The problem currently is that they have no visual representation in DR, only showing up as a "shader not found" cube. It'd be much easier to place and orientate them if DR could generate a patch-like plane for them.

The plane is generated to the north and east of the origin, unless rotated. These parameters in the .liquid are of further interest for DR:
"size_x" "size_y" - the dimensions of the plane
"tile_y" "tile_y" - the dimensions of each texture tile, so larger values increase the scale of the texture
"verts_x" "verts_y" - the number of subdivisions. This can generate a huge amount of tris, so for performance it'd probably be better to ignore this in DR and just create a plain plane with 2 tris
"shader" - the material that the plane is textured with
Additional InformationThe test FM contains with 2 .liquid models:
1) test_liquid_lava: an unrotated lava sea whose origin lies in the bottom left of the room
2) test_liquid_portal: a rotated "living stone" portal at the end of the pier

(Would also be nice if .liquids were listed in the Model Chooser, but not too necessary since it's a rare & highly specific asset)
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