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0005487The Dark ModGraphicspublic10.01.2021 03:40
Reporternbohr1more Assigned Tocabalistic  
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Target VersionTDM 2.09Fixed in VersionTDM 2.09 
Summary0005487: "image_preload 0" breaks rendering if SSAO or Bloom are enabled
DescriptionSetting "image_preload" to "0" is supposed to force the engine to dynamically load textures as needed to save on VRAM

2.09 (?) rendering changes have broke this feature.

We either need to un-archive the cvar, remove the cvar or fix it.
Steps To Reproduce1) Start TDM with default settings
2) Open the console and invoke image_preload 0
3) Restart TDM
4) Enable SSAO
5) Restart TDM
6) Start a mission
7) Note that the screen is black on load
8) Kill TDM
9) Start TDM
10) Disable SSAO and enable Bloom
11) Start a mission
12) Note that a distorted Bloom image is all that is rendered
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related to 0005433 resolvedstgatilov Random crash when dynamically loading textures 




07.01.2021 14:52

developer   ~0013420

Seems to work for me as usual on current SVN
Quick load in a small room with 1.1 GB used VRAM
Noclip and fly over to grow usage to 1.6 GB with obvious stuttering when the textures queue to upload
BTW this cvar in its current implementation is targeted for quicker mission load (i.e. game world start) rather than saving VRAM


07.01.2021 15:25

developer   ~0013421

Last edited: 07.01.2021 21:24

Hmm... Maybe it's only broken on Linux?

Edit: Forum reports indicate that only Linux is affected


08.01.2021 03:44

developer   ~0013424

Updated the description.

This only affects Bloom or SSAO

That said, when image_preload is disabled the GUI flickers with messy white textures when transitioning animations too.


08.01.2021 04:35

developer   ~0013425

It turns out that this sequence works live with no restarts:

1) Disable SSAO and Bloom
2) Set image_preload 0
3) Start the mission
4) Set image_preload 1
5) Enable SSAO and Bloom
6) Set image_preload 0

This does still have quirks with GUI elements flashing but it seems to retain the intended design.


09.01.2021 16:31

developer   ~0013428

It's fixed on trunk.


09.01.2021 21:49

developer   ~0013431

I can confirm that the game now renders when SSAO is enabled and image_preload = 0

There is one last issue, which is that if you set SSAO and image_preload 0 there will be no SSAO effect
when you start the mission.


09.01.2021 22:14

developer   ~0013432

This "feature" is getting on my nerves... Fixed.

Seriously, though, we may want to invest some time in proper load time reductions...


09.01.2021 22:29

developer   ~0013433

Last edited: 10.01.2021 03:40

Fix confirmed! Thank you!

Yes, the image_preload dichotomy is a pretty bad implementation.

Carmack thought that the normal "asset loading zone" design for open-world games was ugly so he avoided it with all his might.

Then he invented "megatexture" as the "better version" of an asset loading design.

I guess now that the kinks have been worked out in megatexture he has been somewhat vindicated.

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