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0000055DarkRadiantGUIpublic26.02.2007 00:20
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned ToSneaksieDave  
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Product Version0.8.0 
Summary0000055: Option to close dialogs with ESC
DescriptionEdit by SneaksieDave: to clarify - I mean the Surface Properties dialog (S), Patch Props (Shift-S) etc; NOT the inspectors window.


ESC to close dialogs
If a dialog like the surface inspector is open and has focus in D3Ed, hitting ESC will close it. Not so in DR. Just a user-friendliness thing.
Perhaps this should be an option? There is some usefulness to being able to leave an edit dialog (like surface properties) open while deselecting and reselecting other entities (or faces).
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27.01.2007 08:07

administrator   ~0000021

Making it an option is probably the best way to go, because I personally prefer to be able to de-select and re-select things when dialogs are open.


11.02.2007 19:35

reporter   ~0000091

To further advance that it should be Optional if it is implemented at all: I just realized you can hit S again to close Surface Properties, Shift-S to close Patch Props, etc. Pretty convenient.

Currently doesn't work for Light Properties... will track that separate.


25.02.2007 20:02

administrator   ~0000227

Is this still an issue?


26.02.2007 00:20

reporter   ~0000230

No, I don't feel it's an issue anymore. ESC might be a nice convenience, and a behavior carryover from DoomEd, but I think overall it's just as easy to toggle a key which opened the dialog, and it's more convenient to be able to leave it open and deselect (e.g. surfaces) and leave one open but not another, selectively.

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