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0005506DarkRadiantGUIpublic05.09.2021 18:22
Reportergreebo Assigned Togreebo  
PrioritynormalSeveritycrashReproducibilityhave not tried
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.11.0 
Target Version2.11.0Fixed in Version2.11.0 
Summary0005506: Crash when trying to scroll the list in the favourites tab (wxGTK)
DescriptionThe mouse scroll event seems to crash when the Favourites tab is focused in the group dialog. There seems to be something off with the parent-child setup of the tab controls.

First measure to be taken is to rearrange the FavouritesBrowser to get rid of the temporary parent, model it after the ScriptWindow.
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Related Changesets

DarkRadiant: master f4e9d488

25.01.2021 05:49


Details Diff
0005506: Rearrange the FavouritesBrowser. Addition to the group dialog is performed by the module initialisation code, the FavouritesBrowser itself is now deriving from wxPanel. Affected Issues
mod - radiant/CMakeLists.txt Diff File
mod - radiant/ui/favourites/FavouritesBrowser.cpp Diff File
mod - radiant/ui/favourites/FavouritesBrowser.h Diff File
add - radiant/ui/favourites/FavouritesUserInterfaceModule.cpp Diff File
mod - tools/msvc/DarkRadiant.vcxproj Diff File
mod - tools/msvc/DarkRadiant.vcxproj.filters Diff File

DarkRadiant: master 2d787b56

26.01.2021 03:22


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0005506: Fix linux compilation Affected Issues
mod - radiant/ui/favourites/FavouritesUserInterfaceModule.cpp Diff File

DarkRadiant: master 8272a95c

28.01.2021 17:22


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0005506: Fix the endless loop triggered by the ScrollEventPropagationFilter Affected Issues
mod - libs/wxutil/dialog/ScrollEventPropagationFilter.h Diff File

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