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0005547DarkRadiantGUIpublic24.02.2021 20:15
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Product Version2.11.0 
Summary0005547: Bring texture coordinates closer to 0,0
DescriptionTexture coordinates tend to have large offsets from the origin, which has effects such as these:
- UV islands are separated by huge distances in relation to their size, making it difficult to align them with each other with the Texture Tool since they first have to be dragged into each other's vicinities
- opening the Texture Tool can take extremely long if one has multiple brushes selected, to the point that it looks like DR has crashed, because the initial view is zoomed out so far

It'd be good if UV islands were closer to 0,0 and to each other, i.e. by making texture tools like "Natural" place all the UV islands of a brush adjacent to each other.
Maybe the Texture Tool could also "normalise" the UV islands, such that they're all placed in the tiles around 0,0 (even if behind the scenes the coordinates still have huge offsets).
Steps To ReproduceI've attached 2 images for illustration:
- the first image shows what one sees when opening the Texture Tool with 1 simple brush selected. It was textured with "Natural" at scale 0.5, but all the UV islands are far away from each other in relation to their size. My expected output would be something resembling a box net.
- the second image shows what one sees when opening the Texture Tool with 4 simple brushes selected, which took ages. At this zoom level it's too laggy to work with.
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24.02.2021 20:12


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