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0005579The Dark ModSoundpublic06.04.2021 15:09
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OS VersionWin 10 
Product VersionTDM 2.09 
Summary0005579: "Mission Success" Audio Broken
DescriptionIf you start an FM with console "map..." and get to Mission Success, you'll typically hear the default 3 chime tones, as expected. If you start the same FM instead as a regular player would, you'll only hear about 1/2 second of the first chime, and then it gets stepped on by the main menu music.

The same thing happens if you use the gui hook to install custom Mission Success audio... only the roughly first 1/2 second plays. This breaks comparability with any existing FM that uses custom Mission Success audio.

Steps To ReproduceTry the foregoing two methods of running with the StartMap FM, and listen upon Mission Success. JackFarmer already did this to confirm reproducibility.
Additional InformationPerhaps this bug was introduced during one of the more recent TDM upgrades?

This bug makes installing a custom Mission Success audio track kind of pointless. I had begun to do this with my Away 0 WIP, to add a brief ending monologue as a bridge to the next episode, but then ran into this truncation problem. Only work-around would seem to be adding another cutscene right before Mission Success, a awful lot more work. (If there's a quick fix or better work around please let me know right away.)
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