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0005594The Dark ModSoundpublic21.04.2021 03:21
Reporterkingsal Assigned Tokingsal  
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Product VersionTDM 2.10 
Target VersionTDM 2.10 
Summary0005594: A New Job Reverb Polish
DescriptionA New Job isn't using the appropriate reverb settings and needs to be tweaked/ fixed.
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20.04.2021 21:16

developer   ~0013884

Last edited: 20.04.2021 21:19

The video you posted doesn't seem to match my audio experience?

Also, you indicated that "we have presets now" but "A New Job" is using presets.

The room in the video has:

// reverb inn
eaxreverb "inn" {

Do you have a custom local version?

Do you have EFX driver settings defined differently?


20.04.2021 21:17

developer   ~0013885

Ill look into, maybe something is wrong in trunk.


20.04.2021 22:22

developer   ~0013886

Last edited: 20.04.2021 22:29

I just looked and Im getting the same results in 2.09. I dont have any custom settings with EFX or my EFX drivers.

WOODEN_LARGEROOM is pretty big , its roughly like a gymnasium or big cave.
We should switch the inn main room to medium and other rooms to small.


21.04.2021 02:28

developer   ~0013887

I just tested this again and I cranked my volume to hear every bit of reverb and my audio is
nothing like what was presented in the video.

Are you by chance editing the map file in Dark Radiant?

It's possible that you wiped out some of the info_locations since they were added via text editing rather than via DR.


21.04.2021 03:21

developer   ~0013889

No, I'm not editing the map. Springheel is also experience unrealistic reverb in the inn.

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