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0005606The Dark ModGraphicspublic05.05.2021 21:17
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Product VersionTDM 2.09 
Summary0005606: The default 64-bit texture color depth isn't compatible with all hardware
DescriptionBy default The Dark Mod launches with the lowest settings, except for texture color depth which does with the maximum of 64-bit.

But 64-bit textures aren't compatible with all hardware capable of running The Dark Mod fluently at 60fps. When the game is launched on such hardware the completely screen is full of glitches and unusable.

So it looks to me that 32-bit textures could be a better default.
Additional Information- Reproduced on Linux using Radeon HD5870 with libre drivers.
- Reproduced both in Ubuntu 20.04 and the latest Manjaro (non distro dependent).
- Reproduced in both KDE and GNOME (non desktop dependent).
- Reproduced both using the Linux native executable, and the Windows executable through Wine (non OS dependent).
- Not reproduced on Intel HD3000 graphics, or Radeon R5 graphics which uses the same driver as Radeon HD5870 (Hardware dependent).
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05.05.2021 21:17

reporter   ~0013964

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