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0005617DarkRadiantGeneralpublic18.05.2021 02:37
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PlatformWindows 10 
Product Version2.12.0 
Summary0005617: "Open Map From Project" prevents pointfile from loading
DescriptionWhen using "Open Map From Project" to load a map, the editor becomes unable to load pointfiles.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open a map via "Open Map From Project"
2. Create a leak in the map and dmap it to create a pointfile.
3. Attempt to load the pointfile. It displays an error message "Could not open pointfile: [pointfilename]"
Additional InformationNotes:
• This is using a modified Doom3 gameproject setup
• Pointfiles load fine if I use "Open..." to open the map instead of "Open Map From Project"
• When I use "Open Map From Project" it displays a relative path in the recent map files. Whereas when I use "Open..." it uses an absolute path. I've attached an image of this.
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18.05.2021 00:49


2021-05-17 17_46_07-Error.png (2,572 bytes)   
2021-05-17 17_46_07-Error.png (2,572 bytes)   
2021-05-17 17_42_44-Window.png (3,265 bytes)   
2021-05-17 17_42_44-Window.png (3,265 bytes)   

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