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0005629DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic09.06.2021 17:45
Reporterthebigh Assigned Togreebo  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.12.0 
Target Version2.13.0Fixed in Version2.13.0 
Summary0005629: "Shift textures randomly" shifts all selected faces by the same amount
DescriptionIf you have multiple faces selected, this script shifts them all by the same random amount instead of each face independently.

Steps To ReproduceMake a staircase by cloning brushes. Select all the front faces and then use the script.


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Related Changesets

DarkRadiant: master 2dc9f1f7

2021-06-08 19:14:03


Details Diff
0005629: Introduce a way for Python scripts to hit every selected face Affected Issues
mod - install/scripts/ Diff File
mod - plugins/script/interfaces/SelectionInterface.cpp Diff File
mod - plugins/script/interfaces/SelectionInterface.h Diff File

DarkRadiant: master a3ac0329

2021-06-09 17:32:40


Details Diff
0005629: Extend CameraInterface for scripts to request a redraw of the view Affected Issues
mod - plugins/script/interfaces/CameraInterface.cpp Diff File
mod - plugins/script/interfaces/CameraInterface.h Diff File

DarkRadiant: master b45b1cc2

2021-06-09 17:42:20


Details Diff
0005629: Wrap script command execution in a scoped UndoableCommand, to make the changes undoable. Affected Issues
mod - plugins/script/ScriptingSystem.cpp Diff File

DarkRadiant: master 5e2f3a2c

2021-06-09 17:44:43


Details Diff
0005629: Rewrite the "Shift Textures randomly [upwards]" scripts to use a SelectedFaceVisitor to shift each texdef independently Affected Issues
mod - install/scripts/commands/ Diff File
mod - install/scripts/commands/ Diff File

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09.06.2021 17:45 greebo Status assigned => resolved
09.06.2021 17:45 greebo Resolution open => fixed
09.06.2021 17:45 greebo Fixed in Version => 2.13.0