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0005631The Dark ModDesign/Codingpublic12.06.2021 12:49
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Summary0005631: Support for the apropos command in console
DescriptionIt would be nice to have an equivalent to Xonotic's (darkplaces engine) "apropos" command in the console. When using 'apropos word' the console will list all settings containing word (foo_word / word_bar / foo_world_bar).

This is useful to find settings outside of the menu when doing tasks like development tweaks. For example, if you're looking for all settings related to player physics and know they begin with "g_player_physics_", you can use 'apropos player_physics' to generate a list of each cvar + its value + its description (when available).
Additional InformationFor the time being you can list cvars by typing the word they start with then pressing tab. This sort of does the same thing, but does have the limitation that you can only search for the word a setting starts with. If for example you want to see every option with "physics" in its name you can't do a single search: You have to try g_physics, if that doesn't work ask yourself whether the category was called g_player_physics, or perhaps cl_physics, and so on.
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12.06.2021 12:49

administrator   ~0014095

Try the following:
  listCVars *keyword*
  listCmds *keyword*
I use it to search for cvars/commands sometimes.

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