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0005633DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic05.08.2021 13:49
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Summary0005633: Apply textures to surfaces using "normalized" scaling.
DescriptionDarkRadiant used to abide by the "default texture scale" set in preferences, when applying textures to surfaces. Currently, textures seem to apply to surfaces based on the texel scale of the previous texture, such as a 2K texture being applied to a surface that previously had a 32X32 caulk texture using the 32X32 texel scale, instead of the "default texture scale".
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11.06.2021 10:31

administrator   ~0014080

Can you give me a more elaborate example of how you want it to behave?

I can currently see the following behaviour:
- Drag out a brush, apply textures/common/caulk (128x128 TGA texture)
- Open Surface Inspector, Fit Texture to 1x1
- Click on another texture (using a larger image) in the Texture or Media Browser, it will apply that one to the brush
- The new texture is already fit to the faces, 1x1, like the caulk texture


12.06.2021 01:55

reporter   ~0014081

A new texture selection/application should (in my opinion, and historically default) retain the texel scale of the previously used texture, not the entire texture size. For example, if previously a 256x256 texture is applied to a 64x64 surface, that would be a 4x4 texel scale. Currently, a new texture will retain the size but the not the texel scale, so if a new texure is 1024x1024 and applied to a 64x64 surface, then it would be only partially visible, since the texel scale is still 4x4, instead of 16x16. This seems more intuitive and efficient, even if it's optional and not even the default.


12.06.2021 03:49

administrator   ~0014083

I can imagine that there would be some disagreement about what the default behaviour should be - I can see arguments for both behaviours, so I guess this should be controlled by a setting somewhere.
When you say "apply", what operation are you referring to? As there are many ways to set a shader on an object (and some of the MMB operations are specifically designed to adjust the target object to match up with the original projection).


12.06.2021 04:01

reporter   ~0014085

Here's a GIF to demonstrate, with the original behaviour on the left and (since version 2.5.0?) how it was changed, and not even deprecated:-
The best way to fully understand is to use <2.2.1 side-by-side, or NetRadiant.


12.06.2021 04:39

administrator   ~0014087

Last edited: 14.06.2021 14:58

You are interested in what happens when you apply the material through the Texture/Media Browser, I assume?
I'm asking as there are many ways to assign a material to a target, and all of them can work slightly differently.


12.06.2021 05:16

reporter   ~0014090

Perhaps except for when copying and pasting a texture within Radiant, I can't imagine why it wouldn't follow a "texel-scale rule" for everything, and that's why in "Preferences > Primitives > Default Texture Scale" is even an option, I suppose.


19.06.2021 07:58

reporter   ~0014116

you can change it quickly with the surface inspector,
this is the scale I use for high res textures to match well with them

default scale: 0.250 = 512X512
default scale: 0.125 = 1024X1024
default scale: 0.0625 = 2048x2048

it's a very good idea if it can do it automatically like it will detect the texture scale and automatically calculate the scale for it.
TX_scale.png (1,835,059 bytes)


19.06.2021 15:12

reporter   ~0014117

That may be useful, but, that's still not what I was talking about, and refer back to the GIF I posted:-

The fact that textures are different resolutions 99.9% of the time means because they are physically bigger, cover larger brushes and take more screen real-estate. That's why the default behaviour should be that all textures are applied based on the "texel scale" of what was applied before it, with the very first (caulk on an "_empty"?) abiding by the "Default Texture Scale" setting in preferences. You can see in that GIF, on the right-hand side example, the long hazard-stripe texture is not only applied much smaller than it ever would be, it's also becomes square instead of rectangular in proportion. This is obviously wrong. I'm not saying to change the default behaviour, but, at least the old proper method could be an option?

There is a difference between texel scale and texture scale. Texel scale is how big a pixel of a texture appears in the 3D world, and this, since the dawn of 3D games, has always had a consistency. Quake 2 was about 1, Quake 3 about 2x2 (0.5), Doom3 about 2x2 to 4x4 (0.25), and HL2 up to 8x8 (0.125). The very first QERadiant I used back in the late 90s did things this way. Now we sometimes get into the 16x16 (0.0625) range for things like door textures, and that's a very fine texellation! But usually there's a baseline consistency and that is still 0.125 for us and probably 0.25 for the TDM mappers.


06.07.2021 09:35

reporter   ~0014149

As I've been testing the latest build, I decided to change the priority and severity of this. Every time I apply a new texture, I need to press CTRL+N each time. Not something worth getting used to, because this is a DR-only thing.


06.07.2021 15:53

administrator   ~0014150

While I understand that this is bugging you and it's important for you, setting the priority and the severity of the bugtracker entry will not getting it finished earlier. That's not how it works, the devs are deciding on their own what's important and what they want to work on, it's a hobby after all.

For me, it feels more like trying to rub it into my face, shouting "FIX THIS, NOW!". No hard feelings, just saying. :)


08.07.2021 06:53

reporter   ~0014151

I didn't say anything like that or even want to imply, especially not screaming at you in all caps... !?

Anyway, I decided to make a poll in the forum about this, NOT as some weird passive-aggressive attempt at being underhanded or whatever thingy, but SIMPLY to draw a consensus, for clarification. I swear, that's all it is.


05.08.2021 13:49

reporter   ~0014239

I noticed this issue for ages and would also like to see it fixed when possible. I thought it was a deliberate feature at first, I understand it might in fact be a bug. It's no major breakage but can become an annoyance.

To fully illustrate what's happening here: The X and Y scale of a surface should remain the same if you only edit the texture on that surface. Currently when setting a texture with a different resolution on a brush face, the scale automatically changes based on the difference in resolution between textures.

In screenshot 1 I have the texture textures/darkmod/stone/brick/blocks_brown set on the selected face, at a scale of 0.25 x 0.25. In screenshot 2 I change this texture to textures/darkmod/stone/brick/blocks_sandstone01. I did not edit the scale though: The vertical scale became 0.5 on its own.
Screenshot_20210805_163850.png (176,244 bytes)   
Screenshot_20210805_163850.png (176,244 bytes)   
Screenshot_20210805_164032.png (167,912 bytes)   
Screenshot_20210805_164032.png (167,912 bytes)   

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