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0005659DarkRadiantModelspublic02.04.2022 05:55
ReporterDragofer Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.13.0 
Target Version2.14.0Fixed in Version2.14.0 
Summary0005659: Feature: automatically reload exported models
DescriptionCurrently models exported by DR to a viable folder (i.e. darkmod/models/... or darkmod/fms/currentfm/models/...) will only show up after reloading models. It's slightly inconvenient and can take a while on a larger map with many models.

My suggestion would be that if DR exports a model to a "viable" folder, that it automatically tries to reload that particular model right away.
Additional InformationThere was talk about upgrading DR as a whole so that it automatically detects when any file has changed and reloads it if applicable - so this ticket might become redundant if that's taken up.
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related to 0005692 closedgreebo ModelSelector: add ability to rescan folders without having to reload all models 




06.08.2021 14:04

administrator   ~0014244

I recently introduced a new button to the Model Selector (see 0005692) to quickly rescan the model folders. With that option in mind, is this entry still an issue?


06.08.2021 15:24

developer   ~0014245

That's great too - I assume that's a kind of middle ground between "Reload all models" and "Reload selected models", at least in terms of time taken to process.

What I'm thinking of here, though, is that DR should automatically (re)load the exported model so that it's available and updated right away without first having to find a Reload button. This is already what's done for "Replace selection with exported model", where no further action is needed to make the exported model show up in DR.


08.08.2021 15:39

administrator   ~0014264

Sorry, but I seem to need more clarification here. When you say "reload exported model", are we talking about the Model Selector UI which has a tree view where the thing is going to show up?
Or are we talking about overwriting an existing model on disk which is not updated in the camera and 2D views after export?

Or maybe describe your workflow, then I can understand what is causing the annoyance.


08.08.2021 18:01

developer   ~0014266

In the 'Model Export' dialogue, which is found under Files > Exported selected as Model..., I think that pressing the 'Export' button should not only export the model, but also (re)load it. This would make it available right away in the Model Selector UI and would update any existing instances of that model in the map, without the mapper first having to press 'Reload models'.


08.08.2021 18:02

administrator   ~0014267

Ok, thanks

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DarkRadiant: master 6153f080

2021-08-22 16:52:44


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0005659: Refresh all entities referencing the model that has just been exported Affected Issues
mod - radiantcore/map/algorithm/Export.cpp Diff File
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DarkRadiant: master 015ccb02

2021-08-22 17:34:09


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0005659: Add test case checking the refresh of entities referencing a newly exported model Affected Issues
mod - test/ModelExport.cpp Diff File

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