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0005664DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic09.07.2021 09:08
ReporterIZaRTaX Assigned To 
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PlatformPCOSWindows 7OS Versionx64
Product Version2.12.0 
Summary0005664: X/Y texture rotation on patch issue
DescriptionThat depend of what texture do you use, for example there's a 256x1024 and a 1024x256 texture , at some point these textures will match well when you press natural button and depend of the textue size but sometime it dosen't like it,
you have a big strechted texure if you want to rotate it at 45/90°.
Working well with a square texture like 512x512 1024x1024

in OD tools there's an option to naturalize X and Y

I hope this can help, you can check the source code here >
Additional InformationThe way I fix it personally is to use fit option then stretch the texture manually
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