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0005677DarkRadiantGUIpublic01.08.2021 09:53
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Product Version2.13.0 
Summary0005677: Cannot change the type of an existing Stim or Response in S/R Editor
DescriptionOnce a Stim or a Response has been added, it seems impossible to change its type (i.e. Water to Trigger) via the S/R Editor.

I'd expect to be able to do this in the S/R Editor by:
1) Selecting an existing Stim or Response whose type I want to change.
2) Opening the drop-down list of types at the bottom left.
3) Clicking on one of the types.

However, this creates a whole new Stim or Response of the new type instead of changing the existing one.
One can only change it manually via spawnargs.

It seems there's some redundancy, since selecting a type in the drop-down list already creates a Stim or Response, meaning the "Add" button is pre-empted.
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01.08.2021 08:37

administrator   ~0014223

The type of a stim can be changed by using the drop-down list at the top right. Does this work for you?

The one on the bottom left is only used for adding stims. I agree that the Add button is not very useful unless you add more than one stim of a type. It has been explicitly requested in the past to have the stim added when something is selected in the list, without having to click the Add button (just to explain the history of this behaviour).


01.08.2021 09:50

developer   ~0014224

Last edited: 01.08.2021 09:52

Ah right, I never saw that there are two drop-down lists in that window. I guess I didn't expect that there'd be a second one, given there's already the first one in combination with the 'Add' button. Will probably want to keep those two drop-down lists to avoid the situation that the mapper accidentally switches the type of an existing stim while selecting the type for a new one.

Having multiple entries of the same stim would make sense if you want various stim-emitting behaviours, so would want to keep the Add button too. For responses it'd probably also make sense, if you want i.e. one set of effects that are guaranteed to happen, while another set of effects has a random chance to happen.

Looks like this can be closed.

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