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0005679DarkRadiantGUIpublic21.07.2021 18:44
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Product Version2.12.0 
Summary0005679: Show axis when 'R'otating entities
DescriptionWhen rotating something on the x, y or z axis with the Rotate tool, accessed by pressing R, there's an onscreen display of how many degrees it's being rotated.

I think it'd be useful if it showed not just the degrees, but also the axis, so:
Rotate: 12.45 degrees
Rotate: 12.45 degrees Y

This is because it can be tricky to guess which axis and which direction i.e. a lever, a wheel or a horizontal door should rotate on, so it'd be helpful if one could figure it out just by turning it a bit in the editor instead of checking it ingame possibly multiple times.

(For that purpose, it'd actually be even better if the display showed 3 values at once for the X, Z and Y rotation, mimicking a vector spawnarg.)
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