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0005689The Dark ModTexturespublic30.07.2021 16:40
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Summary0005689: Default grass particles ignore lighting and appear fully bright
DescriptionI'm trying to use grass particles on my map as they're the best way to get small dense grass at good performance. The only reliable model for this is tdm_grass_clump_01.prt and tdm_grass_clump_02.prt. However these particle models have an issue in their configuration: They don't respond to lighting and render at full brightness which looks badly broken! I'd rather not fork the particle settings just to work around a bug, so I thought I'd report the issue instead. Can the lighting on those models be fixed please?
Steps To ReproduceCreate a func_emitter with those particle models and observe them in your map.
Additional InformationNote that tdm_wildgrass_1.prt and tdm_wildgrass_1a.prt have the exact same issue; Please address those too if anyone will look into this.
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30.07.2021 12:25


3MH7gLf.jpg (552,976 bytes)
Qw8nGFk.jpg (516,529 bytes)


30.07.2021 16:40

reporter   ~0014222

I noticed most smoke particles appear to not be lit either. In their case it's a darker texture so it's not as noticeable. Still could they be fixed too? It would result in more realistic lighting, and this doesn't seem like it affects performance noticeably either from what I'm getting so far.

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