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0005690The Dark ModDef / Setuppublic09.07.2022 22:28
ReporterMirceaKitsune Assigned ToDragofer  
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Product VersionTDM 2.10 
Target VersionTDM 2.11Fixed in VersionTDM 2.11 
Summary0005690: Assets with invalid data

This report follows its thread on the forums, on which I was advised to report the issues here. There are presently a lot of default assets that include missing data, typically broken textures which point to an invalid shader. I've ran into quite a few while developing my latest FM and will report the most obvious and relevant cases I encountered: There may be more so please add a comment and report any you find which I haven't caught yet! I will follow up with a comment on each missing asset.
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related to 0005378 closed Broken Particle - pagan_orb_effect 




30.07.2021 15:34

reporter   ~0014216

Here's one to start off with: Create an atdm:ai_mage01 then give it the skin plain_robes. The outer coat looks fine but the inner clothing causes ghosting.
eTzrGCX.jpg (1,788,051 bytes)


30.07.2021 15:35

reporter   ~0014217

Next one: I'm using a lovely building set in my FM called tudor_buildings which work wonderfully as a way to detail towns with quality structures that have no interior. Unfortunately the 4th building in the set (models/darkmod/architecture/buildings/tudor_buildings/building4.lwo) has a missing shader for the window, which in the world causes the same transparent whiteness and lets you see through the structure even some of the back faces of it.
u8Uapbf.jpg (881,031 bytes)


30.07.2021 15:36

reporter   ~0014218

In the bushes category there's one entity called atdm:nature_bush_large_3 which has an invalid model and appears as a black box. All other bushes are fine on my end and it's just this one that has a problem.


30.07.2021 15:37

reporter   ~0014219

models/darkmod/architecture/fencing/justice_wall_fence2.ase has everything but the main wall as a missing shader, also showing up as white transparency in-game.
9zXUbkp.png (805,351 bytes)


30.07.2021 15:39

reporter   ~0014220

The particle model pagan_orb_effect.prt contains a missing texture too, causing it to emanate white and gray rectangles instead of the glare texture it was using before. This is definitely a default asset and has been around for many years... I believe I remember seeing it work without issue very long ago, it likely broke later on.
a2gF8Fn.jpg (390,767 bytes)


09.07.2022 17:49

developer   ~0014992

Rev 16527
Fix plain robes mage skin.
Replace missing window material in tudor building4.
Delete broken low-quality justice_wall_fence2 model.
Give a model to the 3rd large bush entity - didn't delete it since it was used once in the Hidden Hands: Vitalic Fever FM.
Restore distortion stage in pagan_orb_effect.prt, but delete 2 of the other stages since it appears no assets for them were committed (bfgballblast, p_lightning6).

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