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0005694DarkRadiantGUIpublic01.08.2021 14:33
ReporterDragofer Assigned ToDragofer  
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Product Version2.12.0 
Summary0005694: Assign 'Choose entity...' button to "inherit" spawnarg in entity inspector
DescriptionThe "inherit" spawnarg always points to an entityDef, and it can be useful to view this in the 'Choose entity...' menu to see where this entity is defined or to change it.

I think it'd be useful if this were automatically treated the same as a spawnarg beginning with "def_" by the entity inspector.
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01.08.2021 13:25

administrator   ~0014229

I'm not sure it's possible to change the inheritance by defining it on the actual entity. I think it's only used by entityDef->entityDef relationships, and "inherit" cannot be used by the entity in the map file. Can you check perhaps whether this is correct?


01.08.2021 14:32

developer   ~0014232

Last edited: 01.08.2021 14:33

Unfortunately it seems to be correct: tried inheriting from a non-existent entityDef and an existent one, the entity seemed to ignore it ingame.

In that case it's probably best to leave this spawnarg typeless to discourage futile tampering with it. Can just use the 'Choose entity...' button from the "classname" spawnarg if I want to see where it's defined.

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