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0005730DarkRadiantRendererpublic28.08.2021 22:05
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Product Version2.13.0 
Summary0005730: Translucent triggers/visportal/nodraw materials
DescriptionI think a helpful feature would be to allow certain materials to be rendered translucent in the editor. The use case for this would primarily be for utility materials such as triggers, visportals, and nodraw brushes.

The Filters are hugely useful for making utility materials disappear completely, but there are times where it is desirable to see the utility material in relation to the world geometry -- how it fits, what it covers, how tightly it hugs a given space.

I've attached a sample image of what this could possibly look like.
Additional InformationMy quick thought on its interface would be to allow a translucency value in the .MTR file. Example: "qer_translucency 0.5"
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27.08.2021 01:11


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28.08.2021 08:58

reporter   ~0014317

I already did something similar years ago, you can test and download it here
I added alpha channel with the translucent function and blend gl_src_alpha, gl_one_minus_src_alpha

To install put the __translucent.pk4 in your /DarkMod folder.
Before your final compile remove __translucent.pk4
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28.08.2021 22:04

developer   ~0014320

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Yeah, you can already work around this by modifying the materials to have alpha and DR will try to mimick it. But a dedicated keyword for alpha in DR would be easy to use and offer more control.

Could be that TDM's material code will need to be updated to accommodate this, to avoid "unknown general keyword" console warnings.

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