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0005742DarkRadiantShader Systempublic10.09.2021 02:30
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Product Version2.13.0 
Summary0005742: Feature: extend asset deprecation to more asset types
DescriptionOrbweaver recently pointed out that DarkRadiant already supports a clean way of deprecating assets so that they're no longer shown in DR:

Unfortunately this is currently restricted only to models and materials. I think at this point most of TDM's asset base could use some pruning, in particular among entities but also sounds and particles. It'd be nice to be able to properly deprecate all the light entities that are currently listed in various "deprecated" subfolders of the "lights" folder, for instance.

Skins and prefabs don't need support because (a) model references can be deleted from skins so they no longer show up in the modelchooser without affecting functionality and (b) prefabs can be deleted at any time.
Additional InformationA small bonus would be if the deprecation list could be called deprecated.lst instead of assets.lst. I think this would allow other and future maintainers to at a glance see what this file is for.
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