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0005756The Dark ModSoundpublic15.09.2021 18:02
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OS VersionWin 10 
Product VersionTDM 2.09 
Summary0005756: Shader 'city_sounds_varied" includes sound file with bad path
DescriptionIf you apply the TDM shader "city_sounds_varied" to a speaker, this warning appears in 2.09 (and underlying cause still present in latest 2.10):

WARNING:Couldn't load sound 'sound/map_specific/city_bustle_distant_loop01.ogg' using default
  [map entity: speaker_<whatever>]
  [decl: city_sounds_varied in sound/tdm_ambient_environmental_city.sndshd]
  [sound: sound/map_specific/city_bustle_distant_loop01.ogg]

This is due to a highly-suspect path ".../map_specific/...". In tdm_sound_ambient_decls01.pk4, within /sound/, you will find the problematic .sndshd and the specific shader mentioned.

Probably just dropping that particular ogg-file reference entirely would be fine.

A broader fix would be to develop a testing protocol to scan and detect all such problems.
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