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0005757DarkRadiantGUIpublic12.10.2021 15:03
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Product Version2.13.0 
Summary0005757: Ability to center 3D camera on selected entity
DescriptionI think it would be helpful if there was a keybind to center the 3D camera on the currently-selected entity.

Currently, when the Entity List (J) is open and the player selects an entity in the Entity List, the 3D camera snaps to the entity's location. This works great, and I think it would be helpful if the 3D camera snap could be called on-demand.

1. Player selects an entity in the ortho window.
2. Player presses the camerafocus keybind, i.e. ctrl+F
3. The 3D camera snaps to the selected entity's location.
Additional InformationIf multiple entities are selected, I think it would work ok if the 3D camera either focused on the first entity in the selection set, or the midpoint of all the selected entities.
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12.10.2021 15:03

reporter   ~0014432

I have no opinion on the specific ctrl+F key proposed, but would also very much like this overall capability.

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