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0000576DarkRadiantGeneralpublic21.04.2008 00:08
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.5 
Target Version0.9.7Fixed in Version0.9.7 
Summary0000576: Seek selected entity in entity class tree
DescriptionSuggestion: if an entity is selected and the user opens the entity class tree, auto-seek to that object (unless of course there's a more desirable method for seeking an ent; this is just one suggestion). I'm searching for several minutes and still cannot find atdm:mover_door, all to find a single property I know exists but isn't listed in the Add Properties dialog.
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related to 0000504 closedgreebo Selecting object in Entity List moves camera/selection without explicit action 




13.02.2008 06:19

administrator   ~0001047

I can do that.

Apart from that I want to assure that you know this option:
- Open the tree
- Select the darkmod root element
- Hit Shift+ArrowRight, this expands all elements
- Type "atdm:mover" and the tree will focus on the element


14.02.2008 17:16

reporter   ~0001048

Ah, nice. :) Well, I guess this request is a lot less necessary then. If you feel like it's a worthy addition, that's cool, but if the cost/reward is bad, we can just close it out as a non-issue.

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