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0000578The Dark ModDesign/Codingpublic12.05.2013 11:46
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Summary0000578: falling on a lowering platform doesn't properly subtract the relative velocity, so you get more hurt than you should
DescriptionIn my very fast elevator if I jump and start it going down, the elevator is lowering just slightly slower than I am falling, so I'm 'catching up' to it downward, but by the time I gently touch down inside the elevator (long before the elevator has reached the bottom level) I suddenly get killed as though I've fallen 50 feet and smashed into concrete.

I figure the game doesn't know the elevator is going down very fast too, so that the impact should be very minimal, but rather the game simply knows how far I've falled (or it just knows my velocity) and then it knows I've "touched down" and thus I get killed.

Is there any way to have the game take notice of any downward velocity of what I land on, and subtract it from my own downward velocity?
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related to 0003407 closeduser81 Jumping on a moveable crate on a moving elevator can kill you 




19.02.2013 03:24

administrator   ~0005078

Take velocity of what the player or AI is landing on into account.

rev. 5699:



12.05.2013 11:44

reporter   ~0005418

The current version of the fix discounts moveables (because some of them can have high velocity). However, that would mean you can't jump on a stack of crates sitting on an elevator.

A better fix would maybe take into account the speed (and/or mass) of the moveable, and ignore them only if certain conditions are met.

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