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0005812DarkRadiantGUIpublic15.11.2021 21:28
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10 (21H1)
Product Version2.13.0 
Summary0005812: Darkmod/Theme for DR
DescriptionThe main window has some darker grey elements which help a lot with eye strain, but a lot of the daughter/sub menus and these are just some examples -

- model selector
- view shader definition
- choose prefab

All have a white and near white background, which when you open one of these pop-up it causes eye strain for a few second each time.

Would it be possible to have a slightly darker background has been done for the Surface inspector. etc.
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15.11.2021 16:42

administrator   ~0014541

As usual, we can't do a whole lot here. We only have limited control over the background colour for many of the widgets.


15.11.2021 21:28

reporter   ~0014547

Last edited: 15.11.2021 21:28

Fair enough, I had thought that perhaps by now, widgets had matured enough to allow this this functionality

The workaround in the above post isn't much of a workaround if the solution has to be applied and un-applied every-time one wants to use other programs.

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