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0005819The Dark ModFeature proposalpublic30.10.2023 23:22
ReporterGeep Assigned ToObsttorte  
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Fixed in VersionTDM 2.11 
Summary0005819: Feature request - add location to screenshot filename
DescriptionWhen beta testers provide screenshots of bugs, it is occasionally hard to figure out where in the game a shot was taken. For instance, it may just show a close up of a wall with poor texturing. It would be helpful if the player's coordinates (i.e., DR x,y,z) were included in the filename. Each coordinate should be rounded to the nearest signed integer to keep the filename concise. A format might be, for example: "[300,-15,2048]", but any thing you like would be fine. The location format should appear after the timestamp, so that file listings would continue to be in chronological order. That is, change the existing filename template from:

<fm dir name><date and timestamp>.jpg


<fm dir name><date and timestamp><location>.jpg
Additional InformationI confirmed that DR location data is not currently saved in the EXIF header. That would be a less-helpful place for it.

Don't bother adding the player's view vector info... Not worth the longer file name IMHO.
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related to 0006331 resolvedDaft Mugi Add viewpos to player HUD and screenshot 




04.06.2022 18:28

developer   ~0014839

The origin of the players view is added to the filename. Commited with revision 9924.


05.06.2022 18:14

reporter   ~0014842



11.06.2022 11:40

administrator   ~0014859

I did a small change in svn rev 9927.

Hopefully, filename is easier to parse now:
  bakery_job (2022-06-11 13-26-03) (2233.69 -49.36 53.54).jpg
Of course, parentheses are bad for compatibility, but with so many numbers we should try.

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