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0006331The Dark ModCodingpublic30.10.2023 23:22
ReporterDaft Mugi Assigned ToDaft Mugi  
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Target VersionTDM 2.12 
Summary0006331: Add viewpos to player HUD and screenshot
DescriptionDuring testing and troubleshooting, it is quite useful to have the viewpos displayed on the player HUD and embedded on the screenshot.

Current issues to be addressed:

1. No way to show viewpos on the HUD.

2. The screenshot filename includes "getviewpos", which is quite useful, but some players change the filename and some websites rename the files (e.g. removing spaces between the coordinates or other changes). That makes it hard to know where the player was when an issue was found.

3. To get the viewpos embedded on a screenshot, a trick has to be used, such as binding a key like so:
    bind "F11" "con_noprint 0;wait;wait;wait;getviewpos;wait;wait;wait;screenshot;con_noprint 1"
But that can show other console lines in the screenshot and "con_noprint 1" might not be the desired final value.

4. Mappers often have a hard time seeing what the player is trying to capture in a screenshot, because their gamma is set too low. Some mappers request that players increase their gamma or brightness when taking a screenshot. This should be simple. As a workaround, a trick can be used, such as binding a key like so:
    bind "F10" "r_ambientGamma 1.3;con_noprint 0;wait;wait;wait;getviewpos;wait;wait;wait;screenshot;con_noprint 1;r_ambientGamma 1"
But the player's desired gamma setting might be different for each map, so they would have to update their binding.


* Add a new cvar "tdm_show_viewpos" to show the viewpos on the player's HUD.
    - Have two font color options: gray (easy on the eyes) and cyan (good for screenshots).
* Add a new command "screenshot_viewpos" to embed the viewpos on the player's HUD during the screenshot.
    - Have "screenshot_viewpos <gamma>" to adjust the "r_ambientGamma" during the screenshot. A mapper can tell players to bind a key to "screenshot_viewpos 1.3", for example.
    - Enforce cyan font color for best legibility for viewpos against a variety of backgrounds.
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related to 0005819 resolvedObsttorte Feature request - add location to screenshot filename 


Daft Mugi

Daft Mugi

30.10.2023 21:54

developer   ~0016158

Committed as code rev 10484.

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