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0005826DarkRadiantGUIpublic29.11.2021 16:32
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Product Version2.14.0 
Summary0005826: Entity inspector considers inherited colors black
DescriptionUsually the entity inspector shows the rgb values of a color spawnarg as well as a button with a preview of this colour, which when clicked opens the Colour Chooser button

If the color spawnarg only exists in inherited properties, then the entity inspector seems to believe it's black.
Steps To Reproduce1) Create entity > atdm:antique_wall_light_1_globe
2) With the lamp selected, enable "show inherited properties"
3) Click on the "_color" spawnarg. The value of the spawnarg is '0.80 0.50 0.20', but the entity inspector previews this as "black".
4) Click on the checkmark to apply this spawnarg so it's no longer inherited.
5) Scroll down in the entity inspector and click on the newly applied _color spawnarg. Now the entity inspector says "rgb(204, 127, 51)" and shows a correct preview of this colour on the Color Chooser button.
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29.11.2021 16:32


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