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0005856The Dark ModSound Systempublic03.01.2022 10:33
ReporterSpooks Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product VersionTDM 2.03 
Summary0005856: Looping multi-sound shaders only loop the first file in the list
DescriptionAs per title. Put the "s_shader" value of a speaker entity to something like "animal_dog_distant" and set "s_looping" to "1". Note that the speaker may play a sound from its playlist but before long it will get stuck repeating the very first sound file on the list (as seen in Dark Radiant).

The expected behavior, to me, would be that immediately after a sound finishes, a randomly selected one from the list will continue playing seamlessly, akin to how single-sound shaders loop their sounds.
Additional InformationSpotted in 2.10 beta2. Goes back as far as 2.03, haven't bothered to test any earlier versions. I'd now wager it might be how it was originally, so instead of a bug I've changed the tag to a feature request.
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28.12.2021 09:40 Spooks New Issue
03.01.2022 10:33 Spooks Severity normal => feature
03.01.2022 10:33 Spooks Product Version TDM 2.09 => TDM 2.03
03.01.2022 10:33 Spooks Description Updated
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