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0005875The Dark ModCodingpublic27.11.2022 13:03
Reporterstgatilov Assigned Tostgatilov  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionTDM 2.10 
Target VersionTDM 2.11Fixed in VersionTDM 2.11 
Summary0005875: Render same frame in frontend and backend when SMP if off
DescriptionWhen SMP is on, frontend renders the current frame, and backend renders previous frame in parallel.
It turns out that when SMP is off it works the same way.

This is inconvenient because:
1) One cannot render frontend structures in backend even with disabled SMP, because they are one frame ahead.
2) One added frame of latency.
Additional InformationSee also:

This problem was already fixed in svn rev 9527 (see 0005673), but it broke main menu (e.g. mission success screen), so it was reverted.
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related to 0005596 resolvedduzenko r_lockSurfaces broken 




26.11.2022 16:53

administrator   ~0015471

Last edited: 26.11.2022 17:07

1) Mission failure screen is NOT affected. Only mission success is.
2) The problem is caused by making final save: I tried setting gameLocal.m_TriggerFinalSave = false in ExecuteFrameCommand, the issue went away.
3) Quite obviously, it is the savegame screenshot which causes the problem.


26.11.2022 22:01

administrator   ~0015472

glActiveTexture stays on 1 while backEnd.glState.currenttmu is 0.
So all textures get bound to wrong TMU forever (only TMU 0 is used in GUI).


26.11.2022 22:21

administrator   ~0015473

It is the goddamn RB_SetDefaultGLState which:
 * memsets backEnd.glState to zero (including currenttmu)
 * but does not actually switch glActiveTexture

I'll add here unbind of all 32 textures and settings 0-th texture as active.


26.11.2022 22:33

administrator   ~0015474

  r10178 RB_SetDefaultGLState now resets glActiveTexture to 0 (and unbinds all textures).
  r10179 Render same frame in frontend and backend without SMP.


27.11.2022 13:03

administrator   ~0015481

I changed a bit:
  r10180 Even simpler non-SMP mode implementation.

Instead of toggling frameData double-buffer twice, just set both pointers to the same struct (both for frontend and backend).
As the result, presence/absence/parity of ToggleSmpFrame calls has no effect on non-SMP mode at all.

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