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0000590DarkRadiantSelection Systempublic05.02.2021 13:17
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Product Version0.9.5 
Summary0000590: Would like to add filters for "Portal Sky" and "No Draw Solid". Also, would like a "favourites" setting, and an "Inverse"
Description(I think "Selection System" sound like this...)

I like the filters available and would like to see added two more - "Portal Sky" and "No Draw Solid".

Also, Fidcal had a good idea of a custom "Favourites" filter which turns on all the ones a person has pre-selected.

Also, I would really like an "Inverse" setting, so I can select, say, Caulk, and then select the inverse so that everything BUT Caulk is filtered.
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related to 0005524 resolvedgreebo Add portal_sky filter to default filters 
related to 0005525 new Toggle multiple filters at once 




30.01.2021 08:57

developer   ~0013575

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It crossed my mind a few times to open a ticket for these 2 filters. Every mapper should have a portal_sky filter which is probably almost as important as a caulk filter. A nodrawsolid filter would allow to filter just that, without simultaneously hiding invisible nodraw entities (i.e func_pendulum for lamps).

Not so sure about the 2nd one, maybe DR didn't remember filter settings back then? Though some kind of pre-made combination for making maps visually navigable (collision + clip + caulk + portal_sky + shadow + visportals + nodraw) with a one-click solution would be convenient. Sometimes I have to deselect all filters, i.e. because I want to move a map section, and its a lot of clicks to turn them all back on individually.

The 3rd feature is, good to say, already implemented.


05.02.2021 11:08

administrator   ~0013647

A favourite filter group should be possible just by combining all the individual filter rules into one set. Not sure if a separate feature is necessary to do that. Same goes for the inverse filter, the rules just need to be specified by the mapper, which is admittedly a bit of work.

If the portal_sky filter is wanted, then I can add such an entry to the factory set - just let me know.


05.02.2021 11:13

administrator   ~0013648

Just on a related note, this issue is a good example of a "package deal issue". It's describing three feature requests all in one entry, which increases its "toughness" both to assign and resolve - the portal_sky filter would probably have been added to the factory set long ago if it had been requested separately, this way it's sitting around tied to the other two (much larger) feature requests.


05.02.2021 13:07

developer   ~0013649

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Splitting up this ticket was actually on my mind, just a question of getting around to it.

In my opinion the "hide everything but the filter" request is more than adequately covered by "select by filter" & "deselect by filter", so I wouldn't open a new ticket for that item.

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