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0005913The Dark ModSound Systempublic22.05.2022 07:52
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Product VersionTDM 2.10 
Target VersionTDM 2.11 
Summary0005913: Negative sound loss on location separator makes everybody alert
DescriptionIt seems that having a location separator with negative sound loss can have disastrous effects.
For example, every guard on the map can react to every little noise anywhere on the map.
For some reason, this behavior happens on Windows bu not on Linux (at least on one machine).
Steps To Reproduce1) Use mission "Down and Out on Newford Road".
2) Play the mission on Linux, jump onto the little shack with the fire bucket, frob the window above you. It should at worst make the guard patrolling the courtyard stop and murmur.
3) Now play it on Windows and do the exact same thing- all the guards will freak out and run around with their swords drawn.
Additional InformationOriginally reported by @thebigh:
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08.03.2022 04:12

reporter   ~0014757

I released a patched version that no longer has the bug, but you can reproduce it by changing the sound_loss spawnarg to negative on the big visportal above the archway


22.05.2022 07:52

administrator   ~0014836

I cannot reproduce it.

I changed sound_loss on info_locationseparator_39 from 16 to -16.
And I imagine I found the window: it falls down after I frob it, and there are some spiders behind it.

ON my current Windows machine, the only difference is that a guard with torch hears with negative sound_loss and comes to investigate, while with zero sound_loss he does not come. I don't see all the guards getting alerted.

Since I don't have all the FMs with me (I'm on laptop yet), I can't check if any missions use negative sound_loss =(

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