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0005958DarkRadiantGeneralpublic12.06.2022 10:24
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10
Summary0005958: (3.0.0pre5) Version Control feature ignores some folders
DescriptionThis feature doesn't manage all files in the FM folder. After a quick test, I found the following:

Managed: maps and xdata folders, root folder
Unmanaged: models and skins folders

By 'managed' I mean it will detect, commit and push changes in these folders. 'Unmanaged' means changes in these folders are ignored.

These are the only folders I tested. I would expect this to manage everything under the FM directory, and the mapper would filter anything out using their .gitignore file.

Not sure if this is by design or not, so could be classified as either a bug or a feature request. I only noticed because I scaled a model which got added to the models folder, but it didn't get committed/pushed along with my other changes.
Steps To Reproduce1. On any map that has version control enabled, add a model and scale it with the model scaler.
2. Save the map
3. Commit and sync the changes.
4. Observe that the scaled model in the 'models' folder won't be synched with the local or remote repo, but the .map file will be.
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09.06.2022 04:43

administrator   ~0014850

I can definitely see the point in having the scaled model being added to the commit automatically by DarkRadiant. Having a scaled model not included in the commit might cause trouble when checking out the repo somewhere else or when going back in git history.

At one point during development I already had it implemented to add all files in the working copy when committing, but I toned that down - it was including all the .bak and map snapshots as well as unrelated map files in the maps/ folder. It would be sensible to have .gitignore set up to exclude all the stuff that would just clutter the commits and the repo, but this is a manual action to be taken by the mapper. And I'm not sure how proficient people are when it comes to maintain their .gitignore file.

I'd prefer if DarkRadiant's commit dialog offered some more control about what is going to be included in the commit, shifting that responsibility more towards the mapper. A list of indexed and non-indexed files might be nice with some checkboxes right next to them, such that the user can choose what is going to be left out.


12.06.2022 10:24

reporter   ~0014871

Hmm - yeah I suppose that could work. I suppose if you want to make it n00b-friendly it could help, but I would suggest it's verging on reinventing the wheel.

To be honest I have no idea what anyone else thinks of this - I treat it like any other coding project so the .gitignore is just a no-brainer. Might be good to get some feedback from others?

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