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0005958DarkRadiantGeneralpublic07.05.2022 15:14
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10
Summary0005958: (3.0.0pre5) Version Control feature ignores some folders
DescriptionThis feature doesn't manage all files in the FM folder. After a quick test, I found the following:

Managed: maps and xdata folders, root folder
Unmanaged: models and skins folders

By 'managed' I mean it will detect, commit and push changes in these folders. 'Unmanaged' means changes in these folders are ignored.

These are the only folders I tested. I would expect this to manage everything under the FM directory, and the mapper would filter anything out using their .gitignore file.

Not sure if this is by design or not, so could be classified as either a bug or a feature request. I only noticed because I scaled a model which got added to the models folder, but it didn't get committed/pushed along with my other changes.
Steps To Reproduce1. On any map that has version control enabled, add a model and scale it with the model scaler.
2. Save the map
3. Commit and sync the changes.
4. Observe that the scaled model in the 'models' folder won't be synched with the local or remote repo, but the .map file will be.
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