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0005979DarkRadiantGUIpublic17.06.2022 13:31
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version3.0.0 
Summary0005979: Arbitrary Transformation widget not persisted
DescriptionThe arbitrary transformation window is not saved like other widgets if it's currently open and you close/re-open DR. I have this widget open pretty much all the time, so it would be useful if it stayed open across DR sessions instead of having to select Modify -> Rotate and scale... every time I open DR. This would bring it inline with other tools such as Layers, Surface inspector, etc
Steps To Reproduce- open DR and then open Arbitrary Transformation by clicking Modify -> Rotate and scale..
- close and re-open DR
- note that the Arbitrary Transformation widget isn't open and you have to open it again
Additional InformationI was also about to complain that there was no shortcut key for it which would mitigate this a bit, but I finally found it - it's called 'ToggleTransformation'. A lot of the shortcut key bindings have weird names and it's not always obvious which shortcut maps to what feature.
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