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0006016The Dark ModScript/Defpublic17.07.2022 17:00
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Summary0006016: Camgoyle improvements
DescriptionThe camgoyle is a security camera that's been augmented with a scriptobject to make it fire at enemies and has the appearance of a gargoyle. This includes a separate power source pedestal and an inventoryable staff that can deactivate the power source.

It first featured in the FM Written in Stone and has meanwhile been added to core assets with rev 16549. It has also been posted here:

There's still some potential for polishing the asset:
- rename the camgoyle scripts so they don't conflict with FM versions of the script
- let it fire at AIs, not just the player
- if firing at AIs, cause them to flee. This might make sense as a general security camera feature
- make a better mage staff model
- add a volumetric particle effect to the spotlight (i.e. prefab only) so that it's not dependent on shadow mapping mode

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related to 0004687 resolvedDragofer Integrate Dragofer's assets into core mod 




17.07.2022 12:43

developer   ~0015034

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Rev 16556, 16559
Rename camgoyle scripts to avoid conflict with FM versions of the scripts.

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