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0006032DarkRadiantGUIpublic01.08.2022 12:05
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Product Version3.0.0 
Summary0006032: Material Editor: image browser's "cancel" button doesn't revert changes
DescriptionThe "Select Image File" browser makes it quite easy to find .dds and .tga images and updates the material image file path and preview while the mapper is still browsing through the list. However, clicking the "cancel" button doesn't revert this. In the absence of an "Undo" button in the Material Editor, this means the mapper has to find the original image again to get back to how it was before.
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related to 0006054 resolvedgreebo Material Editor: image browser's "cancel" button rewrites the material source text 




31.07.2022 16:25

administrator   ~0015105

Cannot reproduce this, it's reverting the text entry value as soon as I click cancel. Is this a specific location in the Material Editor where this doesn't work?
cancel_image_selection.gif (1,001,055 bytes)


31.07.2022 16:32

developer   ~0015107

Alright, I'll have to continue looking out for this. Maybe it had to do with something else I was doing while working on fixing material bugs. It definitely was an impediment.

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