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0006044DarkRadiantGUIpublic05.08.2022 05:19
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Product Version3.0.0 
Summary0006044: Material Editor: preview object only appears after selecting a different material
DescriptionThe Material Editor starts with the material currently selected in the media browser. However, the preview has no cube/sphere/plane until a different material is selected in the "Material Definitions" list.
Steps To Reproduce1) In the Media Browser, search for "rough_dirty01" >> select textures/darkmod/metal/flat/tiling_1d/rough_dirty01.
2) Start the Material Editor. It opens with the textures/darkmod/metal/flat/tiling_1d/rough_dirty01 material selected, but there's no preview object.
3) In the Material Definitions list, select any other material. A cube now appears in the preview.
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05.08.2022 05:19

administrator   ~0015117

I've run into this issue before myself, but I couldn't track it down so far. The repro steps above are not enough, I just tried 5 times, the preview cube always appeared.

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