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0006048DarkRadiantGUIpublic21.08.2022 20:08
ReporterDragofer Assigned Togreebo  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.0.0 
Target Version3.1.0Fixed in Version3.1.0 
Summary0006048: Material Editor: allow to change preview background
DescriptionAs far as I can see, there's no way to change the background material used in the preview scene. Mappers might like to change this in order to thematically better match what they're working on (would also be suitable for being remembered from the previous session - 0006045).

It's possible mappers might choose the same background as the material they're working on. So maybe the background should be updated, too, whenever a change is made to its material.
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related to 0006050 resolvedgreebo Material Editor: suboptimal preview for cubeMap materials 




31.07.2022 15:48

administrator   ~0015101

The only way to change the material used in the preview "room" can be changed by editing the or files:

        <defaultRoomMaterial value="textures/darkmod/stone/brick/blocks_brown" />
        <defaultLightDef value="light_torchflame" />

I assume you're hoping for an option to pick the material in the UI itself?


31.07.2022 16:08

developer   ~0015103

Yeah, I think picking the material from the UI would be best since it's a straightforward way to get a better idea of what the material will look like in the intended environment. Maybe the "Light Properties" tab could be renamed to "Preview Scene Properties" and expanded with a background material choice.


21.08.2022 20:08

developer   ~0015198

Confirmed fixed in 3.1, but I noticed that the material shader field is still called "classname". Kind of too trivial to open a new ticket just for this.
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31.07.2022 16:53


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DarkRadiant: master d2dd67fb

31.07.2022 16:56


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0006048: MaterialPreview allows setting the room material. Start setting up the MaterialEditor controls to support this Affected Issues
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DarkRadiant: master f7a228dd

31.07.2022 17:06


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0006048: Wire up select button to choose the material of the test room Affected Issues
mod - radiant/ui/materials/editor/MaterialEditor.cpp Diff File

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