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0006055DarkRadiantGUIpublic13.01.2024 05:31
ReporterDragofer Assigned Togreebo  
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Summary0006055: Material Editor: should show .mtr the material is defined in
DescriptionIt'd be helpful if there were some way to see in what .mtr a material is defined in case one wants to do a manual edit. Right now this requires closing the Material Editor and finding the material in the Media Browser.

Maybe it could be shown next to the line "Material Definitions" (top left) or "Material source text" (bottom right), or in the Material Definitions list itself since there's quite a lot of space there - at least on my desktop screen.
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05.08.2022 06:18

administrator   ~0015118

Last edited: 05.08.2022 06:18

In the 3.1.x dev version, you can right-click the material in the tree to show the definition view where the file name is displayed.
Is this enough, or should I add it somewhere in the Material Editor window like you suggested?


14.08.2022 11:12

developer   ~0015163

Showing the definition by right-click is great, but I think there'd be some added value in having a line near the bottom, like in the Particle Editor, that shows at a glance to which .mtr the changes to the current material will be saved.

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DarkRadiant: master a1dbe379

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0006055: Add a DeclFileInfo panel to the bottom of the MaterialEditor. Affected Issues
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