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0000608DarkRadiantGUIpublic18.03.2008 20:09
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Product Version0.9.5 
Summary0000608: Revisit: remove colored overlay from selected brush?
DescriptionInspired by: 0000603 ( )

It occurred to me: since lights are now for some reason showing up WITH a bounding box in cam mode (nice change - this went away when the light overlay was removed, IIRC), could the same now be achieved for selected brushes?

In the past, the annoying overlay on selected brushes (red!) was mitigated by allowing the user to choose the overlay color. This worked to reduce the annoyance, but ultimately, the overlay still exists, and obscures texture selection, alignment, looks odd in rendered mode, etc. It would be highly desirable if (optionally) the user could turn off the overlay on selected brushes completely, so it is effectively just a clear selection, with the box outline (like a light).
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