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0006082DarkRadiantRendererpublic13.01.2024 05:32
Reportergreebo Assigned Togreebo  
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Product Version3.1.0 
Target Version3.2.0Fixed in Version3.2.0 
Summary0006082: Implement sorting of Interaction Stages
DescriptionThe game sorts bump/diffuse/specular stages to process them in a certain order when drawing interaction passes. DarkRadiant only supports one interaction pass per material right now.
Additional InformationSee DarkRadiant's current implementation in OpenGLShader::constructLightingPassesFromMaterial()

See game code: Material::SortInteractionStages() and InteractionStage::DrawInteractions()

Stages are sorted bumps first, then diffuses, then speculars. When drawing interactions a new draw call is queued/submitted for every new stage whose type is already active in that interaction, plus the round-up draw call. For example, the sorted stage setup


will result in the following three draw calls:

Bump + Diffuse1 + _black
Bump + Diffuse2 + _black
Bump + Diffuse2 + Specular

The second draw call is kind of unintuitive, it is triggered when encountering the specular map (with the _black specular already in place, the specular counts as "second" stage of that type).
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related to 0006039 closedgreebo Material Editor: additional preview object in textures/glass/ materials 




28.08.2022 08:13

administrator   ~0015215

An example material for testing:

    diffusemap textures/darkmod/glass/victorian01_d
        blend diffusemap
        map textures/darkmod/decals/graffiti/food_not_works
        rgb 0.7
    bumpmap textures/darkmod/glass/dull_opaque01_local
    specularmap textures/darkmod/metal/flat/simple_grey01_s


28.08.2022 08:28

administrator   ~0015216

Comparison screenshots
grafik.png (662,252 bytes)
grafik-2.png (621,857 bytes)

Related Changesets

DarkRadiant: master 33e16185

27.08.2022 12:17


Details Diff
0006082: Start rearranging the lighting pass construction code (WIP) Affected Issues
mod - include/ishaderlayer.h Diff File
mod - radiantcore/rendersystem/backend/OpenGLShader.cpp Diff File

DarkRadiant: master 98473c29

27.08.2022 13:45


Details Diff
0006082: Handle interaction stages in a similar way as the TDM engine is doing it.
Multiple interaction stages are sorted and grouped very late (right before the draw calls) in a single loop.
Imply that any material without bump stage has is rendered with an implicit _flat map.
Affected Issues
mod - radiantcore/rendersystem/backend/InteractionPass.cpp Diff File
mod - radiantcore/rendersystem/backend/InteractionPass.h Diff File
mod - radiantcore/rendersystem/backend/OpenGLShader.cpp Diff File
mod - radiantcore/rendersystem/backend/OpenGLShader.h Diff File
mod - radiantcore/rendersystem/backend/OpenGLState.h Diff File
mod - radiantcore/rendersystem/backend/RegularLight.cpp Diff File
mod - radiantcore/rendersystem/backend/RegularLight.h Diff File

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