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0006084DarkRadiantDesign/Codingpublic28.09.2022 19:12
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Product Version3.1.0 
Summary0006084: Improve feedback when calling console commands with mismatching arguments
DescriptionCalling console commands with an incorrect number of arguments or mismatching type of arguments will be immediately recognised by the command system itself, but the information written back to the user is not very helpful. Most console commands could provide more info when the invocation is passed through. Maybe a command registration system with a properly description infrastructure could help the command system to provide better feedback.
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28.09.2022 19:12

developer   ~0015279

I've been wondering if instead of developing the command system further, we should be moving towards Python as the "console" API, much like Blender does. With Python we would only need to implement the objects and functions, and let the interpreter worry about things like syntax and type checking. Commands would still be needed to back menu options and shortcuts, but perhaps the console command processing system isn't needed now that we have an integrated Python?

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