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0006098DarkRadiantDocumentationpublic29.09.2022 22:40
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Summary0006098: Include doc in building instructions
DescriptionAt "", the building instructions don't include the docs:

PackageDocs () {
    local TargetDir="${pkgdir}/usr/share/doc/${pkgname}"

    mkdir --parents "${TargetDir}"
    cp --recursive "${srcdir}/${pkgname}/doc"/* "${TargetDir}"
    rm "${TargetDir}/CMakeLists.txt"
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28.09.2022 19:26

developer   ~0015280

I'm confused as to what your "shell script" represents, and how it relates the README. If you're on Linux, the CMake build already handles creating and installing the docs if you have the required AsciiDoctor command in your path, so there is no need to manually move things around with shell commands. It's true that the README doesn't currently mention how to create the docs manually, but wouldn't this primarily be a concern for Windows users (who aren't using CMake or shell scripts)?


29.09.2022 14:06

reporter   ~0015281

Let me have a look...


29.09.2022 22:39

reporter   ~0015282

Last edited: 29.09.2022 22:40

By installing asciidoctor I get the docs compiled.

I guess it shall be mentioned at:

That said, in that last page, the dependencies for Arch Linux and Manjaro shall be the same.

And the real line is:
sudo pacman -Syu asciidoctor base-devel boost git gtest eigen freealut ftgl glew libjpeg-turbo libsigc++ libpng libvorbis libxml2 wxwidgets-gtk3 zlib

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