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0006127DarkRadiantGUIpublic10.04.2024 14:03
ReporterBikerdude Assigned To 
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10 (21H2)
Product Version3.4.0 
Summary0006127: Pick Shader via MMB not working.
DescriptionI am fairly sure I logged a tracker for this in the past and that we closed it because I couldnt reliable reproduce the issue. Well with 3.4.0 its now dosent work at all.

Steps To Reproduce1. it used to be that you could just middle mouse click on any patch/brush and you would get taken to appropriate shader in the texture inspector.
2. that then start not working (from memory with 2.9 and above) and you had to select the patch/brush and then press MMB.
3. now even selecting a patch, brush or surface of a brush dosent work when you press MMB.
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related to 0006151 closedgreebo Shader Clipboard source gets cleared on 'copy shader' operation 




10.10.2022 15:12

reporter   ~0015319

Last edited: 10.10.2022 15:13

I am getting tired of having to do this (nuking my prefs) to fix issues with DR, but after nuking my DR configs folder (C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\DarkRadiant). I think @Greebo, you said some time ago I dont have to nuke the whole folder?

MMB is now working again, I can MMB click on any patch or brush surface to 'pick' a shader/texture and it takes me to said texture.

Annoyingly the mouse setting haven't changed (I never change them), I only change keyboard shortcuts.


11.10.2022 14:32

administrator   ~0015321

I don't think you need to clear your preferences folder all the time, it sounds like you're doing that far too often. If a problem is really caused by the settings I'd like to see them.

Generally, to check if the settings are the problem, just move them out of the way (don't delete them). If the problem doesn't go away, just move them back. If the problem indeed goes away, moving them back should also make the problem come back - in which case I'd like to have those settings to repro the issue.


11.10.2022 15:34

reporter   ~0015323

Last edited: 11.10.2022 15:37

Ok so by them I assume you mean each individual .xml files..?

And on the subject of said files, the user.xml dosent appear to have the same neat row based formating that the other .xml files have (see attached)
Untitled-2.jpg (9,027 bytes)   
Untitled-2.jpg (9,027 bytes)   


11.10.2022 15:37

reporter   ~0015324

Untitled.png (21,664 bytes)   
Untitled.png (21,664 bytes)   


11.10.2022 16:58

administrator   ~0015326

XML formatting is irrelevant to DR, the exporter doesn't do it unless it's specifically told to do so.

Yes, I mean the whole set of files in the 3.4 folder. If they are really the cause of any problem, then I'd be interested in the whole set.


11.10.2022 17:21

reporter   ~0015329

ok, if and when it starts happening again I will upload them here.


14.10.2022 14:30

reporter   ~0015331

Last edited: 15.10.2022 14:50

Ok so after a few days MMB to pick a shader of a brush is working flawlessly. The only issue I am seeing is when trying to MMB of a patch, sometimes it wont work once DR has been open for a while.


16.10.2022 11:35

reporter   ~0015339

Dont know if this is going to help you diagnose the issue but -

Had DR open for a few hours and started to see the old MMB not selecting shaders behavour again. But when I select the face of a brush, then selected "main menu>edit>copy shader" and then went back to just using MMB to 'pick a shader' it started working as exspected again.


09.11.2022 13:17

reporter   ~0015408

Wellingtoncrab noted that my issue maybe the same as 0006151, investigating.


13.01.2024 11:13

reporter   ~0016359

Regarding 0006151,I followed Forst_slsmanders steps but dont understand what is supposed to happen.

With the media tab or another tab selected I can still copy & paste as exspected and MMB click on any face and get taken to the matching shader in media inspector.

Like a lot of the bugs I am finding, I think this only happens to me after DR has been open for a long time.


10.04.2024 14:03

reporter   ~0016631

Despite the fix implmented in 0006151, this is happening in 3.8.0

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