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0006148DarkRadiantGUIpublic10.11.2022 18:23
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Product Version3.5.0 
Summary0006148: Setting for far clip plane should affect all camera windows
DescriptionThe following setting only affects the main camera view, but not any of the choosers such as the Prefab Chooser and Model Chooser:
Settings > Camera > Enable far-clip plane

The far-clip plane is currently problematic on some machines (0005502) and can also cause large models or prefabs to not appear in the preview initially because they're so large that the initial zoom level is further than the far-clip plane (i.e. galleon_hull_closed.lwo).
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related to 0005502 resolvedorbweaver Surfaces render through other surfaces on AMD cards 




06.11.2022 07:23

administrator   ~0015400

Last edited: 06.11.2022 07:23

As a quick measure, I've bumped the hardcoded far clip plane value used in the render previews to the same maximum the main camera is using: 32768. Using the same settings as the main camera is more work, so I've pushed this quick change before jumping into it.

Let me know if this change has any effect, it's already pushed to the master branch.


09.11.2022 12:48

developer   ~0015407

I've downloaded the portable build, but my Antivirus crashed the first attempt to load DR in order to examine it, and now when I try to start that version of DR it gets stuck at initialising modules.

I've temporarily renamed the user.xml both in the install folder and under AppData/Roaming/DarkRadiant, which usually sorts out startup problems like this, but its not working now. Any ideas how to proceed?

I remember encountering this issue quite a lot, actually, when the first attempt to load a new version fails due to Antivirus.


10.11.2022 18:23

administrator   ~0015410

Sounds like a very persuasive piece of antivirus software. I've heard people reporting problems with regular releases as well, and all I can say is that DR is very unlikely to contain any viruses, especially since it's built from source and that even happens on random machines in the cloud (or my own). Some byte sequence in the binaries must trigger the scanner.

I suppose your Antivirus blocked access to some of the DLL modules DarkRadiant needs to start up, or moved them to quarantine or deleted them perhaps?

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DarkRadiant: master 08505a06

06.11.2022 07:20


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0006148: Use the maximum far clip plane value the main camera is using as default for the render preview

Let's see if this alone resolves the issue with some model previews being cut off on some machines
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