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0006180DarkRadiantGUIpublic23.11.2022 14:39
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Product Version3.7.0 
Summary0006180: "Copy Resource Path" includes top level folders
DescriptionChoosers and Editors give the option to right-click entries and "Copy Resource Path". This should copy the name of for example a skin so that it can be applied as a skin spawnarg, but for some assets it also includes top level folders that aren't part of the real resource path as recognised by TDM. For example the following skin:

The Dark Mod 2.0 (Standalone)/banners/bannerwatch
instead of

For core skins, the top level folder is The Dark Mod 2.0 (Standalone)/
For FMs, the top level folders are fms/*name of FM*/

I've tested various choosers and editors and saw that the following have this bug:
Skin Chooser
Skin Editor
Sound Chooser
FX Chooser
Material Editor (only for shaders in the Other Materials folder)
MD5 Animation Viewer

Not affected:
Model Chooser
Entity Chooser
Particle Chooser
Particle Editor
Steps To Reproduce1) Navigate to The Dark Mod 2.0 (Standalone)/banners/bannerwatch in the Skin Editor or Chooser.
2) Right-click this entry > Copy Resource Path
3) Paste into Notepad. You get "The Dark Mod 2.0 (Standalone)/banners/bannerwatch" instead of "banners/bannerwatch".
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