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0006216DarkRadiantGUIpublic05.01.2023 16:22
Reporterorbweaver Assigned Toorbweaver  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version2204
Product Version3.7.0 
Target Version3.8.0Fixed in Version3.8.0 
Summary0006216: Light Inspector crashes on Linux
DescriptionBringing up the light inspector with the L key causes an immediate crash on Linux systems. Reproduced in local source build (f3f3f9d3cc0e930b71481b4788b40d269411530a), and the 3.7.0 FlatPak.
Additional InformationFirst reported on forums here:
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03.01.2023 20:17

developer   ~0015688

The crash occurs in LightInspector::shaderSelectionChanged(), because the _texSelector member is a null pointer.

void LightInspector::shaderSelectionChanged()
    // Get the selected shader
    auto ishader = _texSelector->getSelectedShader(); // NULL pointer dereference


04.01.2023 20:34

developer   ~0015701

Fixed in a1f0c789f34b4bb11a132aaeb03a380da18fe6b5

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DarkRadiant: master a1f0c789

04.01.2023 20:25


Details Diff
0006216: fix crash on showing Light Inspector

Crash was caused by a race condition initialising the _texSelector
member of LightInspector. This member stores a pointer to a
MaterialSelector, but the MaterialSelector constructor itself was
triggering a callback to shaderSelectionChanged() which found a null
_texSelector since the assignment hadn't happened yet.

MaterialSelector no longer accepts a std::function callback in its
constructor, but instead exposes a sigc::signal which client code can
connect to. This automatically avoids any future race condition because
nothing can access or connect to the signal until the MaterialSelector
has been fully constructed.
Affected Issues
mod - radiant/ui/lightinspector/LightInspector.cpp Diff File
mod - radiant/ui/materials/MaterialChooser.cpp Diff File
mod - radiant/ui/materials/MaterialSelector.cpp Diff File
mod - radiant/ui/materials/MaterialSelector.h Diff File

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